Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Phir le aaya dil.

Dear diary,
Music and lyrics have often got me thinking. And today, as this plays in my background, I am forced to reflect if life really comes to a full circle? Are somethings meant to be completed? Do people we meet and part and then meet again have a meaning? 

(“Raas na aaya, rehna door, kya kijiye. Dil keh raha hai, usse Muqammal kar bhi aao, wo jo adhoori se aas baaki hai; Wo jo adhoori si yaad baaki hai.”)

This helpless heart often brings us back to the fantasies that we once left far behind. It longs to complete the talks that still remain incomplete, and the memories that once made us smile. We still want to fulfill those wishes that we once suppressed and the spark that even now, remains alive. 

So I then ask, are we destined to be with a person? Is there a reason we come back to the person that once struck a cord in us? Are we always on a look out for that same person in everyone we meet?
Are unfinished stories meant to be completed? Is love destined? 

No matter what you were told or asked to believe, I am pretty sure our life has an underlying meaningful plan. We call this plan “destiny”. It is inscribed in the heart and soul of a man. Soul mates have a mutual destiny. It is in their divine destiny to unite with each other and fulfill themselves through a bond of love, that is pure and friendship that is playful. Otherwise, how silly would it be to reunite with a long lost friend who then begins to define your existence? 

A true soulmate is going to be the most important person you had/ or still have in your life. He /she is going to tear the walls around down and smack you awake. They come into our lives to teach us something. It’s a pivotal relationship that embodies in it invaluable life lessons. It provides us with an instant lift up of the spirits and an energy boost up from within. It brings you will all the positivity in life.

( “Kismat ko hai, ye manzoor, kya kijiye. Milte rahein hum, badastoor, kya kijiye!”)

I realize that there is always that one person who we belong to. We never meet somebody without a reason. Life clearly has a way with love. Our paths cross and re-cross for a purpose. And only when that purpose is fulfilled, we come to terms with ourselves. 

It won’t be surprising to know that we all have a lobster of our own! With him/her, the love is simply platonic. There is an instant attraction of energies, the energy of two souls connecting over time, over miles and sometimes over years. 

Sometimes the contact remains, but there is also a possibility that these two individuals be separated over years. They work on their own commitments and deal with karma within other relationships before reuniting with each other once more. And it is then that everything starts to make perfect sense. 

Till our paths cross and we meet the one we long for, let’s enjoy the chaos and smile.
I end by humming along the lines that say … “Wo jo ruki si raah baaki hai, wo jo ruki si chaah baaki hai!”

- Nivruti