Sunday, September 1, 2013

" ? "

Dear diary,

Today I am in desperate need of some answers. Today, I want to ask you some questions that I dont think will ever be answered. Today, I sit here, not to express myself, but to wait for you to talk back to me. I think it is too much to keep everything to myself now. I think, its time that you ask me what's up?!

Alot has been up. ALOT. And everything is so confusing. Therefore, you need to help me find answers to all that I ask you today!

1) Why am I here? here in this place?

2)  Who around me is real? who really cares?

3) Is there anything that will continue for long to make me smile when I look back at it?

4)  when will good things happen to good people and bad people pay for their sins?

5) Is there something called "karma"?

6) When will the world be a better place to live in?

7) How to control my anger?

8) Am I a very bad person?

9) How to tell someone that you love him unconditionally?

10) How to get away with the fear of losing someone you really love?

It's been 20 years that I am finding answers to these. I hope someday I'll know the answers.. I hope! I just hope I will! 

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  1. Nivruti...

    I really want to help you, but I can't, Nobody can help anyone with things like these. Just see this - If I were a doctor, and I suggested medicine, then as bodies react similarly to a substance, (almost), that would have cured the way it would do to others.

    With the medication of the inside, the problem is this, we all are very different from inside. Nobody knows how the inside of the person will react to something. So if anyone has to help you, he will need to know you more than you do, and here the length of the time he has known you for doesn't matter. You know people who have been with you for years, but have not known you a bit, those who have known only the outer you.....

    So nobody else can help you, you know yourself more than anyone else, just try to know a little more, try meditating upon this. Just close your eyes, listen to what is around you, forget about time, try to see what is happening, and how you have been trying to push it, what you will get out of it, and what will you do with that, and was it really the thing you wanted, ....or just experiment with meditation....

    Questions don't get answers, questions beget questions, questions arise from doubts.....when doubts questions remain.........

    Just get more clarity, about things, its with the nature of the things, how things proceed, fire will burn, its not that fire is harsh on you, its fire's nature, it burns all. Fire is not cruel. People act, the way they want to, you can't force them, sometimes they act influenced, just try to understand the influences too. Once you have understood the psyche of some one, then you need not whine about their behaviour towards you, everytime, It is the way he/she is, and they can't help it, You just understand it. Rest is easy.

    Your innocence, this very innocence, sincerity, will make you smile.....

    Why the hell you care about others being real, that is their problem.....

    World has been like that always, we all carry our worlds within us, we all are different worlds roaming around, your world is you, you see the world through you.......and it is a very good place, just as you are.....

    Controlling anger, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to

    Get real, go and tell him, lol, if he doesn't agree, then there are thousand of handsome guys out there, waiting for you....

    Fear, fear of this, fear of that. God made you to come here and enjoy. be more joyous, dance a bit, sing, and whatever comes, just enjoy that, you have not come here to fulfull some target, some deadline...