Saturday, November 3, 2012

... Speechless!

Ever thought how it feels like to have so much to say, yet  there are no words meant for you?
Ever imagined how helpless you feel when your eyes don't say all you want them to?
Ever thought how magical it feels like to be.. Speechless?!

Ever had that chance to know someone who has left you... Speechless?

No?  But may be. This time. She has.

This is a new chapter in her life. A new beautiful beginning!

This chapter feels immensely beautiful. It makes her feel how fairytale's exist in real lives too... That new bright chapter of her life!

She now knew what people meant when they say.. "Reality at times is better than dreams". She now knew what it means to be lost in someone's eyes. She now knew how it feels to be complete with someone. She now knew how it feels to walk a mile for someone.She now knew how it feels like to be cold. She now knew how it feels to be loved


She now knew how it feels to be ... Speechless !! :-)


  1. al i can say is.. i am speechless

  2. Hi Nivruti,
    I have nominated you for the popular Liebster Award!!

  3. So many times, the best emotions are felt when you are speechless.. :)