Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A walk to remember

Everyone knew how happy rains made her. Those downpours made her realize her existence in humanity. And well, that was one such day.

Sara was standing at her balcony, watching the rain drops refresh the dying earth. Her cell phone flashed his name.  Skipping of heartbeat was quite a natural phenomenon for her now.  Everytime she met him, everytime she looked at him , her heart ran for a marathon win.  To pick up within 2 seconds would sound so desperate, she thought. And so, after almost 5 rings, she did what she was best at.. Pretended to be normal. 

Mr X : Hey. How are you doing?

Sara : ( Almost dead) Well, trying to act normal.

Mr X: What??

Sara : My bad! I meant, trying to enjoy the rain.

Mr X : hah! I was just passing by.  Want to accompany me for a walk?

Sara didn’t know how to react. A quick yes or a thoughtful yes?  Because saying a no was almost next to impossible.

Sara : I had to finish off some of my pending assignments. So, I am confused now. What if you go alone?

Mr X : Don’t act like what you are not.  Stop being a bore. Be ready in 5. I’ll be there.

She smiled, he smiled. Problem solved.

He was there.  She saw him from a distance and couldn’t resist smiling to her ownself.  He was everything she wanted him to be.  Tripping over a few stones and managing to maintain his balance he greeted her with a sheepish hello.

“How typical”, she thought. 

“Come on. Move now”.  He pulled her forward.

He had so much to tell her, so much to make fun off. And she had nothing to offer him with. All she could do was to push away all those emotions as far as she could and avoid showing the pink side of her personality to him.  One smile and it would be the end of the world.  To look into his eyes was something she could never do.  They were something.  They did something completely unimaginable to her.

Not knowing how that one hour went by, Sara was shaken to reality by him.

“Here, your destination arrives. Thankyou for the company. But, were you even listening to me all this while? Serious doubt issues, you know”. He said.

Nothing could’ve been as disappointing for her as the end of this walk was.

“Sigh. I wish I could hear you some more.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh! Nothing.  Take care. See you tomorrow”

And today. It was the same day, the same rain, the  same balcony.  She was standing right there to wish for her cellphone to flash his name. Her eyes looked for him everywhere she went. All  she hoped for was a loud call from behind.  And all she got was some more of his memories to  think upon. 

Had she heard him more that day, she would’ve been more sure about herself.  But, this is how complicatedly simple the world around her was.  Probably, more than that! :)