Friday, July 27, 2012

May be..

Dear  diary,
I think I lost to nobody but my own self today. There are times when leaving aside everything; you have a thing for yourself. And, somehow it refuses to subside in me now. One of those days when you think you need to be with nobody but yourself? You somewhere sit down and think what did I gain out of all this?  Some more of drama?  Some more of bad experiences?  And probably some more of harm to your self respect? 

I always thought silence is the best answer to that every calamity that comes in our way. But, what if it’s the same silence that makes you a devil in disguise for people? And by people I don’t mean a random stranger passing by me. I mean that someone who you thought found words in you, in your gestures and in that twinkle of your eye. 

I respect the world made by him, the one who is sitting above. And, every time I look out for reasons to love it, he welcomes me with bundle full of reasons why to not. Why to be good when there is so much of hatred around? Why to love when there are people who need reasons to give up? Why to care when there are people who will STILL rebuke you? My question is WHY? Why do I need reasons everytime? Why can there be not a single person to prove me that this is not a selfish world?

It is high time that I start to value this quote I once thought was very silly. “People don’t change. They just become more of themselves.”  And, that little more of them needs to be known, known well before it creates a whirlpool of emotions inside you.

May be, I have been a wrong judge to people. May be I need to learn. May be I should stop here itself. And may be, I am done now. May be this world is more than just being Complicatedly Simple. Maybe!