Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time : the healer?

While listening keenly to the conversation happening between my mom and her sister, I figured out something. It is believed by several that "Time is the best healer" likewise laughter is the best medicine.

So, you tell me that..Time will heal all the wounds and the bruises will cease to exist? That, the everlasting scars will somehow recover themselves and the memories will be forgotten?

Time cannot heal. No! It does not heal. It just makes pain easier to deal with and It becomes okay if nostalgia knocks or a familiar face is seen. No. No. Nooo! Why don't you understand? It's not because you've been healed. The heart doesn't heal. It can NEVER heal. For you can't untouch what has been touched or for that matter unlive, what has been lived. Ofcourse not.

With time, yes.. It just becomes quite smooth to deal with the pain. Your level of resistance increases. I studied about some theory in Biology. It had something to do with how , the level of resistance increases as the object gets used to it. For instance, you will react if I slap you on DAY 1, and on DAY 2 .. but on DAY 7? No! You wont react anymore because you'll be expecting it. You will expect me to slap you and be so sick of reacting. So tired of the whole act repeating time and again that you might not even react. You will sit there, sipping your tea with that little pinky finger pointing out. You will make small talk with all the people around you, to help you get distracted about what is inevitable. The Slap. You will smile politely as you see me coming. Laugh at someone's joke and High Five the person next to you, because it's all you can really do. There is no way of stopping me and you know that so well. I stand right infront of you while you take that last sip and prepare yourself. I slap you. You look away and continue with the charade like nothing happened. Because that is what you've become good at. Pretending. The Pretend Game. It's lovely and you win. You win all the time. Victory tastes good, so sweet on your tongue. So new, but you've become so good at this game. Ah! not an amateur.

But, I will come again. I won't care about your disappointment. I will still come tomorrow to repeat. My slap will STILL hurt you like it did the very first day. Except now, you've gotten so used to it, you don't care. Yes, probably that's the right emotion, to not care.

Hah! Time doesn't heal. Time never heals, it makes you indifferent. And master that indifference my friend. It will help you move on.

Time? No. Time is not the best healer.