Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything I do.. Everything I did.. !

What an amazing weather outside !! It feels as if the mother nature is suddenly so happy with the inhabitants of earth. I can fly with the wind.. and dance with the falling drops of the rain today! This evening makes everything looks so beautiful.

While she puts her playlist on, to get into the feel of this weather… The first song that plays is a Bryan Adams number. “Everything I do, I do it for you”… Hah! Just now, standing on terrace and watching the weather take its most amazing form.. she was wondering something. Hoping to go on a long walk.. a walk which would have no end.. A walk in the pouring rain.. And suddenly, got reminded of something that should’ve been out by now. That one Sunday... Damn!

She was talking to him.. in that shit cold weather.. so strong of the winds.. and that un-imaginable amazing moment. To that every promise he made , to that every protective hugs she got.. only to know he was there.. he would always be there.. in the thunders.. the lightning’s.. and the cold storms.. with the sky as the witness.. the trees as the supporters.

“There’s no love.. like your love. And no other could give more love”..

All she could do that day was.. Dance in her best dress….. FEARLESS! Fearless ‘cause she knew even if she falls.. he’d be there to hold her back

“I’d fight for you.. I’d die for you.. Walk a mile for you.”

Sadly.. nothing of it was true. No promises.. No witnesses.. NOTHING!

Life mocks at you so happily at times. With every step that she took to move on.. it pushed her back to the same place that she got started with.

It always guided her.. asked her not to repeat things..” they are not worth fighting for”..

But, may be…that was her believe in the four letter word.. that made her say..

“You know it’s true.. Everything I do, I do it for you”