Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear heart..

Dear heart,

You are perhaps the most remarkable organ in the human body. you are the only organ which does not require a nerve impulse. I am impressed with your independence and your coordination.It is so amazing how you can pump 7571 litres of blood per day.
You beat 10.000 on an average per day without getting tired. Without you, we are just soul-less bodies. We know that. But, that's your job. So,just keep pumping blood and stop messing with our decisions and everything else.

A very confused kid.

Maybe my letter to the heart was over-dramatic, but as long as the message is grasped, being over dramatic is regardless.

So, what's the whole biological feeling like letter about?

Have you ever confronted such situations where you feel your heart gets way too involved in your decision? Ask me, because I know exactly how it feels.

Sometimes, I feel like ripping my heart apart, not knowing whats wrong and whats not.

People often say, follow your instincts. We often mistake doubts for instincts. I guess, what I am feeling now is a doubt and not an instinct. When you have finally made your final word and already taken up the first step - The devilish side of us ; the little red devil cartoon avatar with the two horns decides to get involve and give us a feeling of second doubt.

That depressing emotion sets your mind on a race with a multitude of questions in you.Your mind tends to spend all day finding for answer to find a way out of this hell. It slowly deflates your confidence and scrapes off your strength, leaving you helpless. Your much paralyzed state of mind, makes you nod to the little devil's whisper.

Nevertheless. we can control our minds, we can control our heart.

Discard all the unwanted thoughts. second doubts are lethal elements.

Take control over your mind and soul, don't let them take over you.

Doubt means, Don't move. Don't answer. Don't rush forward - I don't believe in Dont's


Monday, November 7, 2011

Scattered remains of a perfect illusion.

She sleeps with her eyes half-open and voices bother her like unwanted visitors. She loves the smell of her bed-sheets. She loves to watch the world from the heights of her stilettos. She watches musicals about love and comedies about well, love. She folds herself and lies silently in between the pages of her paperbacks for hours. She bathes for hours. She waits for no one...for hours.

She drinks water in sips. She hates traffic. She loves those frills around her dresses.She love to fold the pillow covers. She loves dark chocolates. She loves the crust of the cakes. She likes her breath after a cup of coffee.

She wants to whistle when on a long walk, only she doesn't know how to. She wants to fly, alone. She wants to climb the highest of the mountains and sit there till the stars come by, alone. She wants to love someone. She wants to meet someone by the sea shore who would never let her go. She wants to be someone that she herself won't let go.

She lives in the extremes-dark nights or bright mornings. She gets intoxicated in twilights. She wilts on those lonely afternoons.

She loves to put her hands under her armpits on winters. She likes writing her name on the fogged window panes. She stands under the rain with an open mouth. She wears nothing but a thin linen of a cloth on summer afternoons. She sits at the edge of the cliff and watches the nature fill colors in springs. She likes rainbows.

She writes a diary. She writes a page every day and then tears it before she goes to sleep. Her diary is nothing but a book of torn pages. She is still as her shadow when she writes. She never confesses. She prays in whispers and sings in hums.

She is acutely sensitive to her surroundings. She falls in love with the sparks that fly around her. And when the world moves, she refuses to. Something freezes inside her. She walks ahead but her past lays frozen inside..

She smiles at you.. She smiles at me! She is somebody you can never be! :)