Thursday, July 7, 2011

I wanna go home again :)

Dear diary,
I am sorry to have not updated you since long. The time, the phase, the events, made me not to do so. They were those days when nothing absolutely was going right. You have everything right in front of you which you’ve always wanted, and then, you feel like it was all a WASTE. You don’t require the same anymore. Yes, that is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

Talking to myself all day long, thinking, analyzing, i have finally come to a conclusion. A conclusion that I hope would do some good to me. It wasn’t easy. Trust me, It wasn’t.. To choose a path for you, that nobody in your age group approves of . Yet, I have decided to continue with the same. Because somewhere, I always wanted to be “there”. My heart knows, it was always about THIS one thing.

Finally, everything is said, done and decided. No looking back now. I promise. Yet, there is something that I always thought I’d write when I leave this city. And well, This Blogpost is purely dedicated to all those who somehow made it to my life :)

These 17 years have taught me so much that I can never ever pen them down in words. Like you cannot explain the taste of water, I cannot describe how beautiful this journey till here was.

There are not many who get to study in the best atmosphere with the best people around. I feel lucky to be one of those chosen ones. School was the place I would jump and go. The laughter’s, punishments, pranks, jokes, water fights, assemblies, debates, elections, everything made me love my school more with every passing second. Yes, It was this school that gave me friends that i can now call my “sisters” . It was this school that gave me a best friend, who knows exactly what I feel. A bunch of stupid people. But, very close to my heart. We’ve laughed together, cried together, played together, hanged out together. They have become a PART of my routine. A very SPECIAL part. Thinking of how am I going to live without them scares me . The thought of not talking to my best friend on the phone daily, laughing our asses off, irritating each other, crying, joking, imitating makes me sad. But, as everybody says LIFE GOES ON. I guess, I will have to go with it too. With a heavy heart ofcourse, But yes. I have to : )

They are same 17 years that changed me, from a carefree, “I don’t give a damn” Nivruti, to an extremely “Sensitive” girl. Sometimes when I sit down, and ponder over the last years, I feel a tremendous change within me. With this blogpost I want to apologize to all those ( and may be they are reading it right now) for acting in a way I shouldn’t have. May be they were the circumstances or my BIG FAT EGO that made me do that. Forget that If you can. Even If I wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t right either. Leaving this place with grudges and hatred would be the last thing I’d want .

Bidding a goodbye to my lovely 17 years and welcoming the rest with open arms.

“Please stop this train, I wanna go home again” : )