Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One text that was received.. !

Days are going very tough. For me, Or for that matter, For every person in my age group. The board exams are just THERE. There is a Hell lot of pressure. I am still not sure what to do ahead. And that is one of the very things that is currently bothering me.
The routine has turned to be very monotonous. With books that surround me 24 hours a day..Life suffocates within them! When you just try, to THINK, everything is ALRIGHT.. and you can do it.. That is when someone WILL make sure.. You don't think the same! ( God bless such people :| )

Anyway. Today. Was again.. One such day ! Battling hard with my physics textbook.. And my NOT-SO-GOOD mood swings ( which is something very common in this phase I suppose) .. I felt Low! very LOW! World was like eating me up. The date 1st march SEEMED TO HAUNT ME.

With mom and dad's constant efforts to Make me smile,I felt a little better. Yeah.. Felt like SOMEBODY is there. They are there with me.. And it was the feeling nothing else could give me.

To add to it. Today, It rained.. And to make sure I don't miss the fun. Dad took me for a drive! :) The rain.. Made me fresh. rejuvenated my soul! And it worked! To some extent..IT REALLY DID!

Fun time was over.Had to be back to my books.The irritating thoughts came back to my they were waiting for me, with open arms.. !!

Just then .. My cell phone flashed .. "One text received"..

It was my sister.. and it went like " Don't accept others definition of life.. It is YOUR life. DEFINE it YOURSELF, The way YOU love it to be"

A smile spread across my face. YES! This is me. Nobody has the right to control my life. NOBODY ! It was the moment I decided.. COME WHAT MAY now ! I am not bound to care. To care for anybody. or anything. I have taken enough. ENOUGH is the word. NOW.. It is JUST ME! Just me who matters.

Read it just yesterday.. on somebody's status.. "LIFE SERIOUSLY GETS BETTER WHEN YOU DON'T CARE" . Never understood it's real meaning until today !

I will define my LIFE !! My life will be MINE! And I am going to Live it !! :)

K sera sera.. what will be.. will be.. ..

Future is NOT in my hands.. And so. I decide to surrender my self TO DESTINY today
!! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr perfect !! *wink*

It is February . Well, My boards are round the corner. Just 16 days left. To be precise. ( ugh ! CHUCK THAT, back to the topic) SO, well.. When I should be Messed up In my chemistry reactions and Stupid physics numericals. Here I am. Writing My another Blog post. !! :D

Okay. so. Who would be my Mr. Perfect..? To be frank.I don't know If someone like PERFECT exists.. I am not even sure If Perfect is the right word to be used. But yeah. Today,I've thought of how my perfect one should be like.

Well, since writing things in points HELP ( SCIENCE STUDENT :P ) I am going to state that in the following points. ( Seems, I am writing an exam ans. BLEH !! :D ) :-

1) He should have Perfect way of dressing. Like ..what matches what. He should KNOW that. As everybody says "Your first impression is ALWAYS the last impression".. I too am a firm believer of that.

2) The way he communicates. Respect for people should SHOW in the way he talks. Listen to what someone says BUT don't forget to GIVE your worthy opinion.

3)A little ATTITUDE is a MUST. ( "A little" I quote again). Overtly sweet, and Extremely rude, PISS me off ! ( Yeah, that's the right word :P )

4) He should RESPECT women. A male chauvinist pig is a BIG no !!

5) A CARRIER ORIENTED GUY. I don't say a GEEK, BUT..He should atleast KNOW his LAKSHAY ( MOTTO) in life !!

6) Serious guys..are again a DISASTER in themselves. so he should know how to make me smile. I don't mind poor jokes as long as I know he's cracking them just for me !! ;)

7) A foodie. well. that is JUST for the sake Because I am a biggest foodie ever. And I can be in some great need of a COMPANY in future :P

8) He should NOT.. ( NOT I say again) BOOZE. SMOKE. OR BE INTO DRUGS. Well, I am sure I'll get 100 people to contradict me on this, saying. "IT is 21st century for heavens sake! Who doesn't drink?" Well, My guy wont !! I hate the word SOCIAL drinking too !

9) A gadget freak. He should be Up to date on that Because I wont mind a FEW GADGETS AS GIFTS !! :P

10) He should be an awesome CAR DRIVER !! Well, AWESOME here means NO SPEED. I am not the sorts who love speed. So he has to match it for me! :)

AH ! 10 simple,not so difficult points.. Or they are? :P

Yes, My Mr. perfect has to be all this or I am not MARRYING !! :P

Thursday, February 10, 2011

She's a human for heaven's sake !!

Life has always been perfect for her . An amazing one rather.

For her, Making people smile meant everything. Nomatter how much have you hurt her in the past , she is always going to be the one, who'll stand by you. whenever you need her. Who'll make sure nothing,exactly NOTHING at all troubles you. She can wake up at 3 in the morning JUST TO LISTEN to you. She can forget that she was crying the earlier second when she's accompanying you in the giggles.

Yet, She Is a human for heaven's sake !!

She too can have up's and down's. SHE too can have MOOD SWINGS. She too feels the need to PAMPER her own self. She too wants TIME for herself. Everybody has a saturation point. SHE too can have one. And you need to understand that.

She cannot always be there for your help. She too has her own limitations. If you can have. why can't SHE !!

Yet. when she tries. to help you STIL,You hang up on her. You feel she hardly cares. You feel SHE has turned SELFISH. She's changed. SHE can NEVER get what you are going through. Did you EVER thought What SHE must be going through? I'm sure . Not even ONCE that thought crossed you.

Doesn't she deserve some peace? WHY is it that everybody takes her for granted? WHY!!

she is NOT meant to be like that. sometimes she feels SHE IS NOT A HUMAN! Nomatter who has problems going on in their lives, She is always the one Who has to suffer. She is the only one who's bound to lose IN EVERYTHING that happens even though it is NOT connected to her!

She is tired now !! She really is !! She has no more courage left to deal with all this. she has still tried her best. To make things work. YET she quits now !!

"You'll lose her forever one day, That is when you'll realise how MUCH she cared"