Monday, January 31, 2011

That's because, I fear love :)

Well… Tomorrow is 1st feb.. The love month starts from tomorrow. Strange, how everybody is waiting very eagerly for it. Singles or non singles, everybody has a special place for 14th feb in their heart.

“What is love”.. I have written volumes on it.. But still I don’t know If it really has that place now which it had a few months or years ago! Those mushy status updates, those chocolates, the cute stares, buying and gifting teddy bears for one another and those wonderful over the coffee talks and dinners. If I am not wrong, Valentines Day is all about this, and yeah. Not to forget, expressing your love for someone who you “supposedly” can’t live without.

Out of 75% people celebrating this day, 40% are the ones who were there with “separate” lovers the last year. Funny, how you said the same things, the same dialogues to a different “person” the last Valentines Day as well.

This is definitely not how it is supposed to be. For me atleast! Oh well, in my case. This day is celebrated in a different mood every year. (Not all know, what I am referring to here) . Frankly, Love happens only once,. Let’s put in the familiar kuch kuch hota hai style.. “Hum ek baar jeete hain, Ek baar marte hain, aur pyaar bhi ek hi baar karte hain” . This “new love, new year funda” is NOT what I believe in atleast !!

Talking to my best friend over the phone I said something which I realize was the best thing I ever said.. “I’d NOT have a boyfriend now, That is because I fear love. The only person I’d celebrate my valentines day would be , my husband” ( haha! Funny I know. Who has seen the future.. and It is definitely not the right age for me to talk of husband’s and all) .

Yeah, knowingly or unknowingly.. I fear love. I fear the thought of losing someone I once loved. Well, To talk least of it..Life moves on.. Yes. IT DOES !! : )

I’ll learn to love again, I definitely will. I’m sure!

This year too.. For me,

* A new valentines day, and again with a different meaning*

( P.S :- Happy valentines day , Have a loving life with your loved ones ) : )

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its fun To be crazy !! :)

It is fun to be crazy. Well, I am not joking at all…BELIEVE ME. ..

Have you ever tried dancing to the beats of the random dhol beating outside? Okay.. Then.. Ever thought of talking to your own self when your home alone? Have you ever had an obsession of a soft toy and wanted it to be a real person .(It’s Winnie the pooh in my case :D ) Have you ever treated a Big plastic kitty as an alive one? Have you kept names of your toys and cuddle them to sleep..? Ever thought of pampering your car like it was your own kid?

Haha! Well.. The first thought of most of you reading it must be.. “DUDE! GET A LIFE” sorts.. or “GROW UP”.. (Heard it like a million times :P )

The thought of writing how craziness is fun approached me when a friend of mine just randomly said.. “Nivruti.. Why have you turned CRAZY?” And I thought over it.. ACTUALLY! I Am crazy.. well..any normal person wouldn’t talk to dogs..and cats! Haha! BUT I am happy to be that way.. Making people smile by my craziest acts (If at all they are loving it..and not getting irritated which isn’t my motive AT ALL)

Sometimes these little things give you the best pleasure in the world! Playing with the water when you’re watering plants.. And end up watering your own self! Waving to random people when you’re stuck in a traffic jam !! Giving compliments to the one who doesn’t even deserve and earning that big smile from him/her !!

The moral of the story comes out to be… I am crazy..because this crazyness makes me happy! And this I know is another STUPID answer.. But that is how it goes !! :)

“Live your life as stupidly as you can.. May be that’s the last time you living it”

*Spread smiles* .. so everybody.. say.. EEEEE!! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

For A friend of a lifetime! :)

Well. I’ve mentioned almost everybody who has once been an important part of my life .Yet I forgot to mention that one person who has his birthday tomorrow!

Yes. My life can never get completed without his mention. For he has been that one person who stood besides me in almost every argument I had with my best friend :) Dude , I salute you for that. You handled two girls without a fail! haha!

He has been my “not so official” boyfriend! haha! My best buddy! My companion.. And yes.. A dear Brother! (I know ...You’ll kill me for this dude,. But feelings are feelings)

I never thought that a guy who was supposedly the “Mr. Perfect” kinds would turn out to be such an important part of my life! God is great .that he made me meet a person like you. You are a gem of a person friend. Indeed. Believe me! For you are so different from the ones in your age group. And I respect you from the bottom of my heart for this! An intelligent.. Geeky guy! :P( Ok ok. You aren’t a geek... BUT it isn’t always me running behind teachers to get your doubts cleared! :P )

It is your birthday tomorrow and I wish You have 100’s of such birthdays more! May god fulfill all your dreams and desires ! Because he has to! And well.. Though we won’t meet everyday as we do now. But this is my promise to you. We will remain friends forever! : )

Ps:- Happy 18th dude ! : ) Stay blessed !! PARRTTTTYYYY!! :D :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

13 reasons.. WHY BE SINGLE! :D

When everyone around me is looking around for a companion.. I am lost in my world thinking of reasons to be single! eee! :D So here are a few:-

1)You have all the time in the world for yourself, to do the housework, to read books, to just sleep etc etc!

2)The word relationship doesn't mean just one person who ends up being your identity!

3)Arguments with someone /Someones achievements dont become the only highlight in your otherwise boring and bleak existence!

4)There is definitely a freedom to explore existing options at length!

5)You can carry on uninterrupted conversations with the opposite gender for hours.And nobody is there to bug you with the constant waiting calls on your phone! :P

6)Your social life can be extremely hectic and you need not compromise on it to just be with one person.

7)Your expenses are much less than those of your committed counterparts

8)More savings = ability to buy more gadgets and yes, ability to travel to exotic locales. Need i elaborate?!

9)You can concentrate on Your 12th for that matter! :P

10)Your life partner is faceless. There is an element of mystery that has not been demystified yet!

11)You need not be a nurse maid/baby sitter/secretary (well, some willingly do it, comes naturally but still!);)

12)You can punch a pillow instead of a real person. No hospitalization required! :D

13)n short, do whatever you please, go wherever you want and fly whenever you want. :D