Friday, December 24, 2010

:) :)

Long time since I updated you about my life dear blog.. I missed you!

Just off from a call from my best friend..laughed usual.. hung up.. and walked back to my bed

That was when her words echoed in my head… “He say’s she’s an awesome person..I need to hug her..”

REALLY? I am that good? Things have changed so much.. for the BETTER ofcourse!

I found a friend .. a companion…a guide.. a buddy.. a brother.. in all those stupid fights..and nonsensical talks!

How time flies.. nobody noticed.. But I did.. Whoa! Yesterday.. while going from one tuition to the other.. that dork asked me. Wanna race? And I was like.. ummm.. SURE!

Guess what.. (haha! I don’t know why I am writing it..) But.. *I* .. I was the one..who was leading.. Signifies?--- *A change in time*

This winter morning.. Feels so good.. I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow.. Waaow! I am so excited.. Have my exams from 5th though… But that can’t make this elation any less!

Plus there’s one thing.. I thought about too.. Everybody is so sure what they are going to do ahead.. But :( I don’t know! I really don’t know! This question “what are you going to do further” is like the toughest exam question ever . Why? Because I don’t know! That makes me feel a little dumb! But I “REALLY DON’T KNOW” :(

*Sigh! I hope I find an answer to this question soon!

Rest everything is Great! *touchwood*

New year is round the corner .. 2011 ! Yay! And It’s party time! Wopppiee! I hope this year to be the best one for everybody!! Amen! :)