Saturday, November 27, 2010

what I feel of love! :)

“Have you ever thought why you love me?”
“No idea.”
“Have you ever thought why I love you?”

“No. Listen, love is never about why, when, where. You just love. It just happens.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Sounds totally romantic, very sweet and makes you smile, doesn’t it? What if I tell you that the couple whose private life we just have peeped into does not have it that simple? That they have same doubts as everyone else. That they have fights. That they make mistakes. That they are not perfect in their relationship. But they are happy. Because they do believe love just HAPPENS. No conditions applied.You have heard about unconditional love, haven’t you?

Many people say unconditional love is the only one "TRUE LOVE" The only one pure feeling.
Others say unconditional love does not exist.

For them I have some questions… did you mathematically predict your falling in love? Did you put conditions why, when, where, with whom it would happen? Did you control the way it happened?

You know you did not, right? It just happened without you even doing anything, thinking anything.Just happened.

It is much later when conditions appear. Or rather expectations. Because each condition you put into a relationship is based on your expectations. You call your loved one, so you expect them to call you back. You write letters, you expect getting some letters too. You send hundreds of text messages, you expect to receive at least a dozen back. You are there for them when they are sick, you want the same for yourself. And that’s normal, I guess. You care, and you want to be cared for. You love and you want to feel loved too.

Trust me, if someone tells you they don’t have any expectations or learned to control them, they are lying. Expectations are a part of human nature. You can’t suppress the way you feel. You can’t NOT want to be loved.

Unconditional love… is not only the love without expecting the other person to love you back. It is not just the care without expecting the other person to care for you too. It is not the love without any conditions, because you can’t control what you want and what you feel or expect. And you do have hope that things might turn out the way you want to even if deep inside you know that probably they won’t… Unconditional love is rather having all these expectations but being able to compromise with them, to deal with them for the sake of the love you have for that other person. It is like having expectations but accepting that they might not be fulfilled and be fine with it, because in the end, all that matters is that you LOVE them, and if you are lucky, they LOVE you too…

Maybe not the way you want them to, but most probably they love you with everything they have got.

And then.. it just happens.. you just love… no conditions applied.