Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Blank white page..!! :)

Nothings more comforting than a blank white page.

Every time i see a piece of blank scrap paper,i automatically scribble on it. It's always so easy to say something or sketch something when nobody expects you to :)

A blank white page doesn't judge you. How can it,when it's just as abandoned and insignificant as your thoughts?

You can draw a silly little heart on it,or write a sombre poem-it doesn't really matter.

It holds no notion and doesn't think any less of you.It's not like a long sheet of paper that you painstakingly fill out. No.

A scrap paper is a fleeting thought. An evanescent dream.Like an invitation to start again.A new beginning.A possibility.Hope..

I wish everything was like this "BLANK WHITE PAGE"..!! :)