Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Luv Love storys :)

To start with, weather’s like perfect today! With cool breeze, rain and “My heart will go on” being played in the background a thought stuck me, when it should’ve stuck long ago. (When a girl enters high school of course :P )
What will my “love story” be like? Will I hear bells ringing when I meet my “Mr. Perfect?” or will there be thunders : EDWARD CULLEN sort of :P . Mr. cupid really hits that bow? Or the work has to be done by you yourself. *BLANK* I have no idea. I’ve grown up listening to love stories from my nani, mom, sister and our dear bollywood/Hollywood of course where the prince comes, sings a few songs in those
Switzerland landscapes, fights and takes his princess to live “happily ever after”. WHOA! That easy! You know I have these two best buddies, awesomely committed to each other, looking into each others eyes, with his hands perfectly fit into hers that makes you go like ““awwwwww””.
For me, love has always been my mom’s lullabies, my dad’s kisses on my forehead, my sister’s tears for me and my friend’s shoulder to laugh and cry on. And guess I am happy with that sort of love which I know I am NOT afraid to lose at all! I know whatever may happen at least THESE are the things I have if not that “Mr. right” till now!
And as far as meeting that right guy is concerned then I am pretty sure It will be that “serendipity” moment. AHH! Nice! :))

(( yawn)) Sleep strikes me bloggy! It’s Time to sleep. And I wish I meet Mr. Cupid in my dreams, have to share all this with him as well! Hehe!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

A voice--------- UNHEARD

I came back to my room…wore my night suit….took the band out of my hair..and lie down straight facing up the ceiling..I have a white ceiling by the way.. And I like it. Staring helps, whenever I feel like tired and want to sleep but I can’t, I use this therapy, with a blank mind, no thoughts..I stare the ceiling of my room.

The dying hope makes me shiver a lot of times when I have to think, manage and fight. I have no ways, ideas or formulas to beat my enemy with ..But I can’t sit idle even. I can’t see myself drowning in the sea of failure. YES,I never faced failure and even today I wont see myself idle with dying hope and failure laughing on me. I am the PRINCESS; yes I can’t hear a NO. It’s a word which isn’t compatible with me at all.

I took a book, and started viewing it. After an hour or two when my eyes were tired and almost closed..I made my way back to the bed.. And just before I could go up to the world of my dreams I heard a voice.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

"The perfect one"..!! :)

*Will you be that warm hug in the cold..?

Will you be my once lost pearl..?

Will you dance with me in the rain..?

And will you pluck every string in my name..?

Will my smile make your day..?

And my eyes twinkle to see your name..?

Will you count the starts with me in the sky...?

And just wish for reasons for the moments not to pass by..?

Will you send wishes to cupid to keep us together...?

Will chills run down down spine when I hold your finger..?

Will your hands seem magnificent to feel me this way..?

If "yes"..then you are "the" one.. ANYWAY!! :) :)