Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last year at "My Presentation Convent".. :)

I still remember the day when my dad held my little index finger as I walked on the tar coal road of “PRESENTATION CONVENT SR SEC SCHOOL” . Today after 12 years of my life.. I realize THIS has what made all the difference. I would’ve been any normal girl if I wasn’t in this place where I am today. I am special because am here!
To be frank I’ve always been my teachers pet. Nivruti tagotra was the class topper till 10
th.. ( 11th! Ah! Don’t ask.. :P ). This place taught me to be bold, to be frank, and to accept people even at their worse.
People have always said..”convent girls? ..High on arrogance”..but if u ask me..We deserve the arrogance we flaunt.

I got the best bunch of friends and the best bunch of “enemies” too.. But as I leave this place I am happy to say “NO REGRETS”..

I’ll miss the water tank fights.. the behind parapet bunks..the banging table sessions..the loud songs..the mimicries..the “J” and Y interchangings..

I Wanted to write more, but these tears..ah! how much I hate them . roll down at the wrong time..sorry!

All I ‘ll say is..I’ll miss my ALMA MATER..I’ll miss this place like hell ! :’)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm in love with a memory that won't slip out of my fingers

Its hard to let something go after so long

Every piece to the story starts out great

But ends with pure chaos

I'm in love with a memory, that won't love me back

Its hard to live life with this regret

But its something that will follow you every second

I'd give you my heart on a string

But would you take it with petty

Or with the thought and the feeling

I'm in love with a memory, that’s stopping me from running away

Its happened more than once to everyone

It makes no sense at all

But when you realize life makes no sense

You will get that every memory makes no sense

Saturday, May 15, 2010

where were you??!!

I never thought I'd see this day,
I never thought I'd feel this way,
You...a stranger to me now.
I'm left with emptiness...
I wish I knew how it could be,
That we were once so open and free.
You were my friend.. and so much close..
I wish I would have seen what I see now before.
For, I did not and it's too late...
My friend, my buddy once, is now unknown.
And what hurts the most is I now know..
What I lost.. And I'm alone.
To face this world life has sent,
I hope one day I can forgive you, my friend..
For I still cherish the memories we spent..
Can’t dare to think against you even once..
Being misunderstood by all at once..
In the end ..words left are none..
All I can say is…
I miss you....
Why did you go?
:) :)